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For formators

Workshop for formators / Warsaw 2011

From 2 to 6 May, in the monastery of the brothers in Mokotów in Warsaw (Province of Our Lady of the Angels; ul. Modzelewski 98 a; Tel. +48 22 8484235), workshops were held for the formators of the North Slavic Conference.
The responsibility for their organization was about. Witosław Sztyk OFM.
The proposed theme: The Word of God in the formation of the Lesser Brothers was an attempt to take up and deepen the thoughts proposed by Benedict XVI in his Apostolic Exhortation fri. Verbum Domini.

We wanted to strengthen the ability to live with the Word of God in the personal and communous realization of the Franciscan vocation.

In achieving this goal, we were helped by invited guests, secretaries of formation and study of our Order, o. Vidal Rodríguez López OFM and o Sergei Bałdyga OFM.

For formators

Retreat for formators / Mount St. Anna 2010

In the monastery of brothers on Mount St. Anna, held this year's (2010) retreat for the formators of our Conference. We started on the evening of November 15th and finished on November 20th.

For formators

Workshop for formators / Katowice-Panewniki 2010

In 2010, the conference formats were held on 12-16 April in the monastery of brothers in Katowice-Panewniki (ul. Panewnicka 76; 40-760; +48 32 2526 870).

It was proposed to form a Franciscan prayer, which was suggested by the formators themselves at the previous workshops. The logic of the wars was the following: we recalled the general theology of prayer and contemplation (o. Marian Zawada OCD); then we deepened our knowledge of the characteristics of the prayer of St. Francis himself (o. Syrach Janicki OFM); then we have traced the history of Franciscan prayer over the centuries (o. Syrach Janicki (OFM); finally look at our Franciscan prayer today (o. Syrach Janicki OFM).
The focal point of the workshop was a discussion on how to form franciscan prayer at the various stages of formation? (o. Witosław Sztyk).
At the end of the workshop, a panel on the Franciscan hermitage was placed ( o. Wit Bołd OFM, fr. Syrach Janicki OFM).

For formators

Retreat for formators / Zariczany (Ukraine) 2009

In 2009, a retreat for the formators of the North-East Conference took place from 19 to 29 October in Zariczany near Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

For formators

Retreat for formators / Kalwaria Zebrzydowska 2008

In 2008, a retreat for formators took place on 17-22 November in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (ul. Bernardine 46; 34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska; tel.: +48 33 8766304; +48 33 8765499; +48 33 8765301).

For formators

Formation workshops / Piešťany 2008

In 2008 (31.03-05.04) workshops for formators of the North Slavic Conference took place at the Retreat House in Piešťan, Slovakia (Poštová 1; 921 01 Piešťany; tel. +421 33/77 210 35; +421 33/76 286 88; +421 33/735 1081; tel./fax: +421 33/7622 805; e-mail:

For formators

Retreat for formators / La Verna 2007

In 2007, a retreat for the formators of our Conference took place on 5-10 November, at the shrine on La Verna in Italy.

For formators

Workshop for formators / Wadowice 2006

In 2006, workshops for formators of the North Slavic Conference took place in Wadowice (Carmelite Retreat and Pilgrimage Centre on Górka im. John Paul the Great; Ul. Carmelite 22; 34-100 Wadowice; Tel. +48 33 873 21 30).
Those responsible for the organization were about. Witosław Sztyk OFM and o. Sergei Bałdyga OFM.
Motivation was addressed.
Workshops, lectures and discussions were conducted: s. Hilaria Hatko SSND, Maria Anna Machulec, Maria Marquardt, Fr. Emilian Gołąbek OFM; A. Fabian Kaltbach OFM, o. Syrach Janicki OFM, o. Sergei Bałdyga OFM, o. Witosław Sztyk OFM.