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Congress of the postulants brothers from all provinces

On Mount St. Anna from 10 to 14 February held for the first time a meeting of the postulant brothers from all provinces in Poland. Sixteen brothers and five educators participated in the meeting together. Each day began and ended with the common Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. The theme of the meeting was the art of communication in the community. On the first day, thematic lectures took place, and in the afternoon a communication workshop conducted by Magdalena Kudełka – Lviv.

The next day, Fr. Joseph Augustine SJ gave lectures on the "world of human feelings" and how to engage in self-formation. In the afternoon of the second day, another part of the communication workshop took place. The third day was dedicated to mutual integration. First we visited the Calvary paths, after which we went on a journey, visiting the castle in Moses and visiting the Sanctuary of St. In the Silesian Stone, where the Common Eucharist took place. The last day was devoted to the silence and focus and meditation of the Word of God. After lunch ending the series of meetings, we returned to the monasteries enriched by joint meetings with the brothers.