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Workshops for guards / Kalwaria Zebrzydowska 2011

From 7 to 10 November 2011, in the Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, formation workshops were held for the genies of our North Slavic Conference.

The organizer of the workshop was the secretariat of formation and study of the Conference, which he represented about. Witosław Sztyk OFM from the Province of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The workshop slogan "Meet to Talk" inspired a discussion on the following topics: local chapter (home), lectio divina, new evangelization, grants (fundraising).

He talked about the theoretical assumptions of the local chapter and their practical implementation. Syrach Janicki OFM from the Assumption Province. Based on the norms described in our Order's Constitutions and General Statutes, he presented and discussed one of the possible models of the Home Chapter (see D&C 11:11–11). Local Chapter). A valuable addition to this topic was the voices proposed by the guards themselves, who, based on their personal experience, drew the following conclusions:1) We appreciate the role of the chapter in the life of our communities. 2) In most houses we organize it regularly, albeit with different frequency. 3) We are aware that the good preparation of the chapter and its earlier announcement promote its conduct and increase the attendance of the brothers. 4) We often combine the chapter with the day of focus and/or recreation (after its completion). 5) The Chapter serves us in solving the question of our daily lives; allows for the smooth flow of information; promotes exchange of views and proposals; builds good relations in the community; is the enrichment of Community life; is a good time to appreciate the work and/or attitude of the brethren; helps to plan pastoral activities, renovations in the monastery (church), etc.; motivates you to act. 6) The Chapter is also a tool in our hand (including the community) to adnouch the confreres. 7) The Chapter is, moreover, a good way of sharing responsibility; also appreciate the role of discrets. 8) We appreciate the advisory voice of older brothers who, in the past, have often been guards; this also applies to listening to the voice of the other participants in the chapter. 9) We underestimate the role of the "Spiritual Chapter", so we organize it too rarely. 10) We experience criticism of some brothers before and after the chapter, without a clear commitment (creativity) during its duration. 11) Few of us, for various reasons, are afraid to organize a chapter; at times the chapter is understood as a "whip" on the guard. 12) On the chapter itself, we sometimes experience too emotional reactions of some brothers (lack of culture). 13) These are the main difficulties we face in the chapter: the passive attitude of the brethren; lack of responsibility for yourself, others, for the house; negative attitudes of confreres towards each other and/or to ourselves; inability to listen. 14) Sometimes our chapters are too formalised and/or high-flying. (15) Too rarely are they formative. 16) It is clear that the provisions/resolutions of the Chapter are difficult to implement and the lack of verification of the tasks entrusted to it.

The new evangelization was spoken of by Fr. Ryszard Nowak, priest of the Diocese of Katowice. He presented one of the proposals for a new evangelization, which he called "stones to pass", which consists in proposing to those seeking "stones" through which they can cross the "river" – from disbelief to faith in Jesus Christ (see D&C 11:11–11). …). In 2001, cardinal spoke of the new evangelization. Joseph Ratzinger, then prefect of the Congregation for the Faith (see D&C 111:11–11). …).

About lectio divina spoke s. Bogna Miller from the Congregation of the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord; with a noteworthy passion, she recalled the principles of practicing lectio divina in an individual and community way; she also proposed an example of such a meditation based on the Gospel of the day (J 2:13-22): Lectio: be cheerfully parted with the illusion that you know this text. Read it to understand it. What did the inspired author really want to say?; Meditatio: and now turn your finger to God's Word. May the Word of Truth illuminate your life. Try to hear what God specifically wants you to say through these words; Oratio: if you have done the previous two steps correctly, the prayer will flow by itself. Ask, apologize, thank you…; Contemplatio: God cannot fail to answer the prayer he himself has given up in your heart. Now is the time for His answer. Continue, and He will act; Collatio: When you experience the power of the Word, you feel the need to testify of it. Share your experience.

Mr. Grzegorz Burek spoke about the possibilities and principles of raising funds (see …) and Danuta Kaminska (see …).

The meeting was also informative and organizational, hence the program provides for a time and place for a meeting of individual provincial ministers with the guards of their own Provinces. This part of the program, each provincial used at his own discretion.

Each day of the workshop began with the Eucharist celebrated in the Calvary Basilica and ended with vespers.

The meeting was attended by 94 brothers from the following Provinces of our Conference: the Province of Holy Francis (21 brothers); Province of The Common Hedwig (18 brothers); Province of Our Lady of the Angels (15 brothers); Province of the holy Michael the Archangel (13 brothers); Province of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (15 brothers); Province of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (12 brothers).

The detailed agenda for the meeting was as follows:

7.11.2011 / Monday

18.00 Accommodation / reception at the Pilgrim's House
19.00 Dinner-recreation / refectory in the monastery

8.11.2011 / Tuesday

07.00 Holy Mass with tomorrow /basilica
Celebrant: o. Yaroslav Kania OFM; homily: o. Ezdrasz Biesok OFM
08.00 Breakfast / Pilgrim's House
09.00 Classes / refectory in the monastery
• The idea of the meeting and organizational issues / o. Witosław Sztyk OFM
• Word of the President of the North Slavic Conference
• "Home Chapter" – theoretical assumptions / o. Syrach Janicki OFM
10.00 Break / Coffee
10.30 Group work /designated places
• "Home Chapter" – practice: splendors and shadows
11.30 Classes / refectory in the monastery
• Relationship from working in groups
• Conclusions and practical suggestions/o. Syrach Janicki OFM
12.30 Dinner / Pilgrim's House
15.00 Classes / hall in the WSD building
• "New Evangelization" / Fr. Richard Nowak
16.00 Break / coffee in the lobby of the WSD building
16.30 Classes / halls in the WSD building
• "New Evangelization" c.d. / Ks. Richard Nowak
18.00 Vespers / Basilica
18.30 Dinner / Pilgrim's House
20.00 Recreation / Pilgrim's House

9.11.2011 / Wednesday

07.00 Holy Mass with tomorrow /basilica
celebrant and homily: o. Wencesslop Hamster OFM
08.00 Breakfast / Pilgrim's House
09.00 Classes / hall in the WSD building
• "Lectio Divina" – presentation of the subject / s. Bogna Miller
10.00 Break / coffee in the lobby of the WSD building
10.30 Group work / designated places in the WSD building
• "Lectio Divina" in practice
11.30 Activities / Hall
• Relationship from working in groups
• "Lecto Divina" – practical conclusions / s. Bogna Miller
12.30 Dinner / Pilgrim's House
15.00 Classes / hall in the WSD building
• "Grants" (raising funds) / Mr. Grzegorz Burek
16.00 Break / coffee in the lobby of the WSD building
16.30 Classes / halls in the WSD building
• "Grants" (fundraising) – Mr Danuta Kaminska
18.00 Vespers / Basilica
19.00 Dinner-recreation / Pilgrim's House

10.11.2011 / Thursday

07.00 Holy Mass with tomorrow /basilica
Celebrant: o. Dobrosław Kopysteryński OFM; homily: o. Rufin Mary ofM
08.00 Breakfast / Pilgrim's House
09.00 Provincial meetings with provincial ministers / designated places
10.00 Break / Coffee
10.30 Meetings with provincial ministers c.d. / designated places
11.30 Summary of the meeting / hall in the WSD building
12.30 Dinner / Pilgrim's House
End of meeting